Toddlers 36-48 months)

At Rising Star Academy one of our key missions is to prepare our students for the transition to kindergarten. We offer critical learning skills that include how to follow directions, how to self-regulate beahavior, hwo toc ommuniate effectively, and how to stay focused and pay attention. Children are offered a robust curriculum that allows students to build on the learning they gained in the previous classroom. Tudents experience a variety of independent learning opportunities, fas well as meeting or exceeding state standards for knowledge at this age. In this classroom we work on:

  • Math, including counting, numbers, patterns, ordering, sorting and basic concepts.
  • Language skils including letters, reading short sight words, writing their name, early reading, vocab and putting sounds together in order.
  • Science and Nature, including hands on learning experiences about health, palnts, animals, transportation, water, the weather, and the seaons.
  • Social studies and History, including learning about one’s family, community, the county, the state and the world.
  • Critical Thinking skills, including self regulation, focusing, following directions, commnicating correctly, and expressing feelings appropriately.
  • Creative studies, including art, music, and stories.
  • Physical studies, including opportunities to hone fine and gross motor skills. We also focus on healthy activities and nutrition.