Rising Star Educational and Therapeutic Preschool Program

Our unique program is designed for infants from 6 weeks up to children 4 years of age. We are currently open for enrollment in our fully staffed, licensed, and accredited preschool program. Our unique program offers a full range of therapeutic and diagnostic services. These programs focus on Christ-centered instructions and empower your children to enter the public school programs.

For infants, we offer a specially curated daycare program that goes above and beyond. We provide them with a safe, secure, and loving surroundings. Our staff is caring and takes the time to bond with infants. They follow a well-planned path towards your infants’ development while being flexible to their individual needs.

For children who are 1 or more years, we offer a specific open learning program. We follow the child’s enthusiasm and help them find opportunities to learn. We provide them with ample room to be curious and learn at their own pace. The program is milestone-based. However, it does factor in specific learning requirements of individual children.

As the child approaches the age of 3 years, our program takes a more evolved approach. Children are allowed to become independent learners and develop their abilities to collaborate with others. As they have developed mortar skills, we help them self-regulate in their physical activities. We also ensure that a sense of routine and discipline is formed by the child.

Rising Star Educational and Therapeutic Preschool Program offer the following unique characteristics:

  • Unique approach towards learning – with age-specific curriculum with a focus on ensuring individual growth.
  • Help build an understanding of their surroundings and produce cognitive insights
  • Help children explore their creative side and begin to think critically
  • Development of language and communication ability
  • Expression of thoughts and ideas with the ability to collaborate with others
  • Physical development with a rigorous routine. We have a dedicated playground for physical activities

Rising Star Accredited VPK Program

At Rising Star Academy, we take special pride in our Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Programs (VPK) serving Alachua County. If your child is 4 years of age as of September 1st, they may qualify to enter this uniquely curated program. Space has been limited to guarantee individualized attention and needed structure.

Our unique curriculum focuses on the early development of children. Our programs remain Christ-centered while involving the use of the latest learning technologies. Our program is formatted to meet the needs of individual children across different essential areas of development.

We empower your children to be ready for their elementary school entry. The program ensures your child’s academic success through a well-planned approach. Children gain hands-on learning experience, which is the key to school readiness skills.

Our course is spread across several focus areas, ensuring overall development. Our fully loaded classrooms have a variety of materials available to the children. Here they get to practice their skills in art, basic writing, basic math, acting, and other group activities. We also provide them with an area to perform in group plays.

The math curriculum we follow makes use of several manipulatives available at the daycare center. Children can learn with counters, block patterns, and other support materials. Our focus on developing language skills helps children become school-ready. They get to know beginner-level phonics, rhyming, story prediction, etc. We actively engage children in cooking activities and science mini-projects. As the classes progress, we see children collectively plan and celebrate festivals, events, and special occasions.

Rising Star Accredited VPK Program offers the following unique characteristics:

  • Specially curated approach towards learning – with a curriculum that focuses on ensuring individual growth
  • Help VPK children develop the ability to collaborate with others and plan activities
  • Help them express their feelings through music, movement, and visual arts
  • Help improve vocabulary and improve conversational skills
  • Help develop solid foundational language skills that help quickly pick up reading and writing skills.
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills supported by critical thinking
  • Play with numbers and start recognizing patterns and orders.
  • Learning more about the world around them and develop a keen sense of observation through a mini science experiment
  • All-round physical development through planned individual and group activities
  • Develop social skills and be able to show respect to others

If you would like to enroll your child for the upcoming year, please register early as these spaces fill up quickly.

Cuddle Bear Infants
(6 weeks - 12 months)
Our infant program starts at just six weeks of age to 12 months old.
Busy Bee Toddlers
One year old
Our toddler classroom is designed to ignite a sense of adventure.
Lions Den Toddlers
(Two Year olds)
As your child grows, their world begins to open up. We want to bring to them a world of possibilities and a place to shine.
(36-48 months)
Children three years of age and older enjoy increased academic focus on colors, numbers and more.
(48 months +)
Our four year old room is the place to be! We are learning the skills needed to go to kindergarten!
Afterschool Care
(up to age 11)
Our afterschool program picks up your child at school and transports them to our state of the art facility where they enjoy help with homework, have afterschool snacks, and engage in organized activities.